Stride Ventures


Stride Ventures LLC is a social impact company owned and managed by Mrs. Darya Henig Shaked

I believe some of the biggest challenges of today’s world are the outcome of inequalities, either social or gender based, which is why I am focused on ways to impact Africa and the gender gap. Stride Ventures LLC is working with technologies and innovative solutions provided by women and African Entrepreneurs that aim to create measurable social impact while achieving market rate returns. Our vision is to bridge Africa and women led ventures to the Silicon Valley ecosystem. With deep knowledge in the field of impact investing and while providing hands-on support, Stride Ventures can lead the way for a more equal opportunity world. Stride Ventures collaborates and provides consulting services to startups, corporations, and NGOs in their effort to grow and become global. Stride Ventures will continue to collaborate with tech companies and other triple bottom line enterprises to bring innovation to a greater impact. Stride ventures sees social involvement as a superior value and supports the activities of a variety of social ventures that aim at creating a better society.


Meet Darya Henig Shaked

Darya Henig Shaked has vast knowledge and connections of the public and private sector in Israel as well as world Impact Investing, frontier markets and the academic and philanthropic world.

With nearly a decade of experience in managing large scale initiative and philanthropy under Vital Capital Fund, a private equity, Impact Investment Fund focused on Sub Sahara Africa, and in an integrating large scale projects company. Prior to this Ms. Shaked had initiated and managed dozens of projects in the areas of Environment, healthcare, culture, education, academic initiatives, women’s empowerment, child development and many more.

Ms. Shaked has extensive experience in collaborations with governments in Israel and Africa, including successfully obtaining foreign trade risks insurance for large-scale projects in high risk African countries, heading an advisory team for the Angolan Minister for the Environment and preparing a comprehensive plan for the upgrading of Angola’s four ports for the Minister of Transportation.

Prior to these projects, Ms. Shaked worked for 6 years in the Israeli public sector as Chief of Staff in the Ministry of Construction and Housing, a communication specialist in the Prime Minister’s Office and the strategic counsel to a ministerial committee on the fight against violence.

Ms. Shaked holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, and completed her legal internship at the Central District Attorney’s Office as a legal aid to the District Attorney.

Ms. Shaked is also a founder and an holds an advisory role in the Non-Profit Organization: Impact Investing Israel.